Invisibilia Podcast

July 28, 2015

Invisibilia Podcast

You guys listened to the wildly popular podcast Serial, right? I got hooked on Serial when I binge listened to it during a long bus ride from Manhattan to Providence, Rhode Island last fall. I loved Serial. And I’ve been listening to Undisclosed, the podcast that picked up where Serial left off and explores details of the case “from an investigatory perspective instead of a narrative one.” The hosts of Undisclosed made some groundbreaking discoveries lately, and it’s been super interesting. I’d recommend it, if you enjoyed Serial.

But I’ve also been searching for another podcast. (They make riding in the car or on the bus so much more interesting!) A few days ago, I came across a list of podcasts recommended by TED staff, and one recommendation caught my eye. Have you you guys heard of Invisibilia, the podcast co-hosted by NPR’s Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel? This relatively new podcast, launched in January 2015, explores the intangible forces that shape our lives – “things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.”

Invisibilia Podcast

Last weekend, during another long bus ride from Manhattan to New Hampshire, I listened to three episodes:

1. The first was, The Secret History Of Thoughts where co-hosts Lulu and Alix ask the question, “Are my thoughts related to my inner wishes, do they reveal who I really am?” Part One of the episode, explores what our dark, disturbing thoughts could mean and whether those thoughts say anything about who we are. Part Two is called Locked-in Man and reveals the fascinating story of a man who was locked in his own body, unable to communicate with anyone and not in control of his own body, for more than a decade.

2. The Power Of Categories examines how categories define us. This episode is so timely, especially given recent news. The show talks about how humans will jump into one category or another, when given the chance. Male or female. American or French. Graphic Designer or Engineer. People need categories–they want them. This show looks at what categories provide for us.

3. And the third was Entanglement, which is about a women who physically feels what she sees others feeling. It also “explores the ways in which all of us are connected–more literally than you might realize.” My mind was blown by the scientific concepts explored in this episode!

Invisibilia Podcast

All three episodes are captivating and thought provoking, and you’ll find yourself going back to the ideas and mysteries presented in each episode. I can’t wait to delve into the other Invisibilia episodes!

Now, go listen and then come back here and tell me your thoughts so we can talk about it! : )


(Images via Invisibilia.)

Happy Weekend & Links!

July 24, 2015

Tent Town

How was everyone’s week? It’s been a long one over here, so I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. We’re catching a bus early tomorrow morning and headed to Sanbornton, New Hampshire for a wedding. You know it’s going to be a fun time when the invitation reads, “This is a casual event. The dress code falls in that happy medium between a tie and tie-dye.” Ha.

Also, the bride and groom invited guests to camp on the property after the reception. We borrowed a tent and packed our air mattress! I’ll be posting a few Instagram pictures over the weekend, if you’d like to follow along. Hope you all have a good one, and here are some fun links…


Everything I’m Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances To Get Coffee. LOL!

Is this the future of “printed” Instagram photos?

Grammar rule: What’s the difference between which and what?

Good news: These popular flea market flares are back in stock!

Roughly 100 exceptional pieces of journalism from 2014.

A good reminder.

How to create an amazing center floral pieces.

J.Crew Factory is getting a makeover.


(Photo by Victoria.)

Levenbutt on Instagram

July 23, 2015

Levenbutt Lanakila Castle

Intrigued by this funny photo a couple days ago, I landed on Jeremy Levenbach’s Instagram account @levenbutt, and it’s one of the most random and funny Instagram accounts I’ve found. Even more random: in one of his signature poses, “Levenbutt” was photographed in my home town in front of the Lanakila castle, a play castle at the boys’ summer camp!

A few other great shots of Levenbutt’s nude (backside only) misadventures…

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Kelly Kuss, Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Bucknell University

July 22, 2015

Kelly Kuss | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Bucknell University

Find your passions in life and pursue them–life is too short to waste time doing things that don’t make you happy! -Kelly Kuss, Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Bucknell University

This fall, my good friend Kelly Kuss will coach her first season as a Division I Head Women’s Soccer Coach. She joined the Bucknell University coaching staff this spring. Before landing this opportunity, Kelly was the First Assistant Coach for the Dartmouth College Women’s Soccer team, and before that, she was an Assistant Coach at Amherst College. I’ve always been so inspired by Kelly’s passion for coaching and was thrilled when she agreed to share her career story and a few details about her life off the field. Here’s her interview…

Kelly Kuss | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Bucknell University

1. After high school I…went to Colgate University in Hamilton, New York to pursue a career as a high school teacher and club or high school soccer coach. My career goals changed as I spent the next five years as a varsity soccer player. My head coach, Kathy Brawn, was the first person who presented the idea of being a collegiate coach as a potential career path to me. In my redshirt year, I started exploring the career more seriously. (A “redshirt” year is a year in which a student-athlete does not compete against outside competition; Kelly redshirted her senior year due to a knee injury.) I volunteered in the soccer office to learn about recruiting and the behind-the-scenes responsibilities of a college coach.

2. My first job after college was…Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach and Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. I’m very fortunate to have been given that opportunity right out of college. I was extremely excited to be on the sidelines for my first season as a college coach, and I felt fortunate to be given such an incredible opportunity, especially at an institution such as Amherst College. The head coach at Amherst is Jen Hughes. Jen is a Colgate alumni and was the assistant coach who recruited me to play soccer at Colgate, but she left Colgate to take the Amherst position right before I arrived at Colgate.

Kelly Kuss | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Bucknell University

3. The most frequent question I’m asked about being a head coach is…if my job is full time. The answer is YES! My first–and in my opinion most important–responsibility as a head coach is to be a mentor and role model for the 27 women in my program. I am one of their closest resources on a college campus.

At the Division I level we practice all year long, and from August to May, we typically train five to six days per week.  In our championship season (August-November), I typically work seven days a week, and I’m responsible for coordinating all travel, meals, and other details that arise with playing anywhere from one to three games each week. My staff films and breaks down each game, and we review the footage with the team.

Out of season, the schedule is a bit more relaxed. This is the time we typically devote to recruiting for the next class of soccer players. I travel all over the US watching girls in elite tournaments to determine if they are a good fit for my institution. In the off season I also organize a series of summer camps for both the youth in the community and the new recruits. In addition to designing training sessions, I also organize numerous community service events for my team to be involved with throughout the year.

4. My favorite part of my job is…the student athletes and alumni I had the privilege to coach.

Kelly Kuss | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Bucknell University

5. The happiest moment of my life was…when I married my husband, Andrew, a few weeks ago.

6. I never thought I would…own a Great Dane, but Andrew really wanted one. Now, I can’t imagine my life without our Great Dane, Timber.

Kelly Kuss | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Bucknell University

7. A seminal moment was…playing at Colgate University for Kathy Brawn; I would not be where I am today without that experience.

8. To stay productive I…make lists. It helps me remember what I need to do and helps me prioritize. I like the feeling of checking tasks off my list, and I enjoy getting things done.   I try to get things done every day. For example, if I leave my inbox for a couple days it gets completely overwhelming, so I respond to emails every day.

9. The last vacation I took was to…Fort Pierce, FL on my HONEYMOON! We stayed in an oceanfront condo.

10. The last book I read was…14th Deadly Sin by James Patterson. I read it on the beach during our honeymoon. The book is in the Women’s Murder Series. I’ve read all 14 books in order! Very easy reading with mostly women characters in high ranking positions. Great for the beach!

Kelly Kuss | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Bucknell University

11. For date night, I like to wear…my Rainbow Sandals that I have had for 10 years, a pair of J.Crew shorts, and a simple, lightweight V neck t-shirt from Gap. Our dates usually consist of cooking and grilling in our home. We both enjoy cooking. Occasionally, we will head out to a pub or local pizza place but either way no need to dress up.

12. My beauty routine is…simple. Shower, hair up in some kind of messy bun, and a little bit of eye make-up. I am big Clinique make-up fan! I don’t wear very much makeup, but find eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara a must.

13. Anything else you’d like to add…I owe my parents so much for all of their support in everything I do and have done!

Kelly Kuss | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Bucknell University

Thank you so much, Kelly!


PS. More career stories and a few photos from Kelly’s wedding.

(Photos via Kelly, wedding photographer Jay KennedyDartmouth College, and The Patriot League.)

Help! What’s Your Favorite Razor?

July 21, 2015

What's your favorite razor? | The City and Us blog

Recently, I ran out of cartridges for my BiC Soleil Savvy razor, which I’ve used for years. And in an act of desperation, I bought a pack of cheap disposable razors. That was a mistake. Although my skin was fine for a few weeks, now, my knees are nicked and dry. I love the Savvy razor with its built-in moisture strip with Vitamin E and three blades, but at this point, I wonder if I need to upgrade my razor to something like this.

Before I buy a new one, I thought I’d ask: what is your favorite razor? Have any of you found a razor you really love? Gillette Venus razors seem like a good option and get great reviews. Please share in the comments!


(Image via Wit + Delight.)

Happy Weekend & Links!

July 17, 2015

Weekend Links | The City and Us

Any plans for the weekend? We’re house-sitting in DUMBO for a couple days, and I’m looking forward to strolling around the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Guaranteed we’ll get the best hard ice cream I’ve ever had at least once this weekend. Hope you have a good one and here are some fun links from the web…

A delicious summer daiquiri.

How Did You Know Your Partner Is the One?

One of history’s greatest badasses; put her on the $20 bill.

Attention travel bloggers: Japan wants to send you on a one-month adventure!


Moody landscape photography gets me every time.

Weekend With Bernie.

Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is happening right now. They have everything!


(Photo by B. Anthony Stewart, Lake George in New York, 1945)

Lena Dunham in Your Inbox!

July 16, 2015

Lenny Letter

I have a spam email account and a real email account. The real account I guard with fervor. There are only a hand full of newsletters–which I read word-for-word, a couple of brand emails (love you, Madewell), and friends and family that make their way into my real account. Today, I was stocked to find out that Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner started Lenny Letter, “the email newsletter where there’s no such thing as too much information.” Can’t wait!

Also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

July 15, 2015

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

A few days ago, I was looking through Airbnb listing for an inexpensive rental in Brooklyn, and I found something random: A retired NYC taxi that’s been converted to sleeping quarters! The taxi van is parked on Long Island City, near the East River waterfront promenade, and will run you $69 a night, which includes a bed, pillows, sheets, and a portable wireless air-conditioner.

Although guests aren’t allowed to drive the taxi around NYC, a sleepover in an authentic NYC taxi would make for an adventurous night. Also, you could take some fun pictures! Imagine a hilarious holiday card posed as the driver of your very own bright yellow NYC cab. And how fun would it be to throw a toddlers birthday party with the taxi as the main attraction?!

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

What do you think? Would you ever stay in the NYC taxi? The only issue I see is needing to shower–cause city grime is the real deal. But I’d totally do it for one night!

(Photos from Airbnb.)

Our {Surprise!} Wedding Story

July 13, 2015

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Today is our second anniversary. Two years!! Part of me feels like we got married yesterday, and part of me feels like it’s been much longer–but in a good way. So much has happened!

I started this blog after we got married and haven’t shared much about our wedding, so I thought today would be a great day to share some details with you guys!

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Two years ago, Dan and I threw a surprise wedding on Lake Sunapee in Sunapee, New Hampshire. We both love Lake Sunapee so much and actually lived on the lake for a year after college, so it was the perfect place for us to get married. We rented an amazing lake house near the base of Mount Sunapee with an awesome dock and back lawn to host a small gathering with family and a couple of close friends.

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

To pull off the surprise, Dan and I disguised the event as a BBQ engagement party. We told guests to dress casually and bring their swimming suits.

Our siblings were in on the secret and helped so much with planning and making sure everything went smoothly, but our parents thought they were at our lake-side engagement party. Right before the ceremony, we invited them and our siblings to the top floor of the house to let them in on the secret…

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

This photo cracks me up! Dan’s parents, Deb and John, were so surprised!

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

My dad telling me he “knew something was up the whole time.” Haha!

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

After the mini reveal, Meg, Dan’s sister, officiated a short and sweet ceremony in front of our loved ones. With Lake Sunapee in the background, it was exactly what we wanted.

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

After the ceremony, we grilled lunch, swam, and enjoyed hanging out by the lake.

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding
Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Meg and our brother-in-law, Pat, surprised us with this incredible cake and cupcake pyramid from Eat Cake in Newburyport, MA. So good!

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

My mom makes the prettiest bouquets, and I knew I wanted her to make my wedding bouquet. But, under the circumstances, that was a challenge. A week before the wedding, I asked her to make a few bouquets that could sit on the tables during the party. That way, I thought, I could use one of her bouquets without telling her she was making my wedding bouquet. It worked out perfectly!

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

This amazing succulent wreath was made by Kristin and delivered by boat the morning of our wedding.

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

Our guests loved the “photo booth.” I bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 and lots of film and set up the photo booth in the corner of the porch.

Surprise Lake Sunapee, NH Wedding

It was such a perfect day!


(Our wonderful photos are by Meg Hamilton.)

Happy Weekend & Links

July 10, 2015

The City and Us

What are you up to this weekend? After being sick for two days at the beginning of the week followed by a few busy days at work, I’m ready for two lazy weekend mornings. And it’s going to be so nice in NYC this weekend, so I’m hoping to work on my nonexistent tan. Hope you have a good one and here are some fun links…


I want to try this homemade mud mask.

Tips for storing wine.

How did no one notice this?!

A Tumblr dedicated to Wes Anderson color palettes.

Love these!

America in the 70s. I want a VW van so badly.

This pretty rose garland would be so cute on a mantle.


(Photo by Michaela. Wes Anderson link via Kottke.)

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