Have a relaxing weekend

September 19, 2014

What are you up to this weekend? Both Dan and I had crazy work weeks so we’re looking forward to a low key night tonight and then relaxing tomorrow before heading into the city to grab dinner with Molly & Alex. After dinner, we’ll take them to the top of the MET for a drink and incredible views of the city. Hope you have a relaxing weekend and here are a few fun links from around the web that caught my eye this week:


Inside the Tullando Farm’s robotic milking parlor! The Tullando Farm is Dan’s family’s incredible dairy farm (his grandparents started the farm in 1956, and now, his uncle and cousins run it).

I’d love to spend a day swimming here. (via)

A beautiful animated love story about Brooklynites Danny, an OTB clerk, and Annie, a nurse, as they remember their life together—from their first date to Danny’s final days with terminal cancer. (via)

This shirt dress with a shiny pocket would be cute for date nights.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you’ll know exactly what Devan is talking about in this piece about bussing tables. And while you’re there check out her “Worst Cover Letter Ever.”

15 Career Tips from Smart Women.

Mint booties for fall.

Writing advice from Jeff Goins that I’m excited to start implementing in my own writing.

I can’t wait to try this healthier granola.


(Photo by Helena La Petite.)

Tiny Wedding Flower Arrangements

September 18, 2014

Tiny Wedding Flower Arrangements. Photo via Kelley // TheCityandUs.com

For years, Dan’s father, John, has collected glass bottles from construction sites and abandoned homes and barns.  There must be over 500 bottles in his collection and it keeps growing. For the most part, the collection lives in John’s basement, steadily growing. But whenever there is a family gathering–be it a wedding, dinner party, reunion, etc–the bottles are used as simple, beautiful decor. Sometimes they’re filled with flowers and other times they’re displayed alone or used to make the center piece at the dinning table.

Tiny Wedding Flower Arrangements. Photo via Kelley // TheCityandUs.com

Tiny Wedding Flower Arrangements. Photo via Kelley // TheCityandUs.com

Tiny Wedding Flower Arrangements. Photo via Kelley // TheCityandUs.com

Last weekend, Molly (John’s niece/Dan’s cousin) and Alex borrowed several of John’s glass bottles to make tiny flower arrangements to display on tables at their wedding reception. The day before the wedding, the mother of the bride, bridesmaids, and a few other women close to Molly got together and created the tiny arrangements to be used the next day. It was such a sweet thing to do together and the arrangement turned out beautifully. The flowers were grown by Molly’s mom and good friend and included an assortment of small green, pink, yellow and white blooms.

Tiny Wedding Flower Arrangements. Photo via Kelley // TheCityandUs.com

After I finished helping with the arrangements, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos. They were just too beautiful! I love this idea of growing and arranging your own wedding flowers. Not only is it kind on your budget, it’s also sustainable and a great way to include family and friends in your celebration.

What do you think? Did you DIY your wedding flowers? Or are you planning to?

And, CONGRATULATIONS again, Molly & Alex! xoxo


Crochet Lampshade

September 17, 2014

hanging crochet lampshade

The other day, I came across this lovely hanging crochet lampshade on Dimity’s Instagram. It’s handmade and can be found on Shikoba, an Australian shop that stocks items from a highly selective group of artists and craftsmen. I love the texture it adds to the room. Dimity is using the unique crochet lampshade in her daughter’s nursery and it looks so cute, don’t you think?

(Photo by Dimity. Lampshade via Shikoba.)

Wisdom in the Age of Information: Maria Popova

September 16, 2014

Have you seen Maria Popova’s video Wisdom in the Age of Information where she shares her thoughts on the influx of readily available information combined with the lack of wisdom and understanding in our world today?  The video is part of the 2014 Future of Storytelling Summit, and Popova explores “the question of how we can cultivate true wisdom in the age of information and why great storytellers matter more than ever in helping us make sense of an increasingly complex world.” I really like the ladder analogy; this idea of starting with basic information and climbing through knowledge and interpretation and eventually getting to the top of the ladder where wisdom is reached:

“At its base is a piece of information, which simply tells us some basic fact about the world. Above that is knowledge — the understanding of how different bits of information fit together to reveal some truth about the world. Knowledge hinges on an act of correlation and interpretation. At the top is wisdom, which has a moral component — it is the application of information worth remembering and knowledge that matters to understanding not only how the world works, but also how it should work. And that requires a moral framework of what should and shouldn’t matter, as well as an ideal of the world at its highest potentiality.”

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. This really got me thinking…


(Written and narrated by Maria Popova. Animated by Drew Christie. via Swiss Miss.)

Las Vegas Elopement

September 15, 2014

First kiss

Pat and Meg described their Las Vegas elopement as “spontaneous, badass, and exceptional.” And I love their advice for anyone considering eloping (or getting married, for that matter): “Wait until you’ve had some quality life experiences and know yourself and what you are looking for in a partner.” Here, Meg shares some details from their exciting trip to The Little White Chapel in Las Vegas!

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Napa Valley Elopement

September 11, 2014

Whitney & Toru. Napa Valley. Aug 2012

A couple weeks ago, my sister, Whitney, and her husband, Toru, celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Two years ago, they eloped to Napa Valley and had a dreamy ceremony on a balcony overlooking breathtaking wine vineyards. To celebrate with them, Whitney and Toru invited their siblings and sibling’s significant others along for the celebration. It was such a fun, whirlwind trip and one of the most romantic places! I’d love to share some pictures and details of their exciting elopement and a bit of advice from Whitney for couples considering eloping (hint: she’d do it all over again!)…
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Checking in from Vermont

September 10, 2014


Hi everyone! How is your week going? Bright and early Sunday morning, Dan and I took a bus from Port Authority to South Station in Boston to kick off our cousin/cousin-in-law’s wedding week. We went to a Boston Redsox game at Fenway and then spent some time in Boston with friends and family. It was such a fun day! After the game, Dan had to head back to NYC, but this week, I’m visiting family in Vermont and helping get ready for the big wedding on Saturday. My visit is packed full with get togethers, projects and girl time. To go along with the wedding theme of this week, I’m going to share two wedding stories; both my sister and sister-in-law eloped (what are the odds of that!?) and I’m excited to share some details of their very different but equally as sweet stories. Be sure to check in tomorrow for some amazing pictures and a funny recap of Whitney and Toru’s Napa elopement : ) xo

“It’s OK to be sad.”

September 4, 2014

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Spring 2014

When we moved to New York City back in March, there were so many new and exciting things to look forward to: our apartment, new restaurants, walks in Central Park, new jobs, meeting new people, exploring New York City. We were so excited to experience life in NYC and try something different for a while. There were also many unknowns and so much uncertainty that accompanied our move from rural New England to bustling NYC, and I want to share some thoughts on the not-so-thrilling part of our decision to move and completely change our lives in a very short period of time…

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Haircut Inspiration

September 3, 2014


If you know me personally, you probably know that I’m kiiiiiind of particular about getting my hair cut. Ok, to be fair, I’m very particular about it, ha ; ) I’m a wuss when it comes to cutting off two or more inches, so I stick to a pretty tight schedule and get a trim every 8 weeks. Around the time when we moved to NYC, I was due for a cut, and here’s the crazy thing: I’m approximately 9 whopping months past due for a hair cut–gasp! Oh dear hair of mine, I’m so sorry! It’s got to be over 4 inches longer than usual and is so dry and unhealthy at the ends. It’s really quite sad.

The main reason why I haven’t been to a stylist in NYC is because it’s so expensive. The “norm” for a hair cut is around $120! Can you believe that?!  I mean–dang! And don’t forget about the 20% tip on top of that…eeesshhh! Another reason why I haven’t got my hair cut in NYC: I’ve been crossing my fingers for an appointment to open up with my lovely stylist back in NH–I’ve been seeing her and her only for years (see particularity statement above)–so I could just pop in for a quick cut. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out, but what has worked out is I’ve found a more reasonably price (on NYC terms) salon over on the west side and I’m headed to get my hair cut tomorrow. I’m a little nervous but also excited because I like healthy, not-always-tangled-at-the-ends hair. I’ll be cutting 3 or 4 inches off (eeppp) and having my layers cleaned up cause they’re practically nonexistent at this point. Something similar to the photos above but a bit longer. What do you think?

How long is your hair? Are you a risk taker with your hair? What cuts are you loving this fall? I’ve been seeing lots of cute bobs around NYC.


(Photos from Pinterest)

Coney Island

September 2, 2014

Brighton Beach with Luna Park in Coney Island in the background.  Labor Day, 2014

Yesterday, we spent a few hours wandering around at Coney Island. Coney Island is located in the southern part of Brooklyn (conveniently accessible by subway, thanks MTA), and we had heard from a few friends that there are several nice beaches in the area so we planned a short day trip to Coney Island and Brighton Beach.

Coney Island, NY Labor Day, 2014

Luna Park at Coney Island. Labor Day, 2014

Coney Island. Labor Day, 2014

Luna Park is the amusement park at Coney Island (you’ve probably seen lots of pictures of the ferris wheel) and it’s much bigger than I was expecting. I guess I was thinking it would be more along the lines of a country fair. Ferris wheel, swings, typical country fair games. But it was more like a cross between a country fair and Six Flags. There are several roller coasters and some kind of water park situation happening in the middle of the park. Predictably, it was super crowded so we opted to observe the commotion from the boardwalk, which was probably more enjoyable for us considering we weren’t necessarily up for roller coasters or bumper cars. After some picture taking and people watching, we continued walking along the boardwalk towards Brighton Beach and found a little place overlooking the ocean for a (strong) margarita. Then, after a bit of wading in the waves and a short discussion on the importance of sunscreen (we saw some very leather-y looking skin on the beach) and guessing at how much time we had before the storm hit, we walked back to the subway and were on our way.

What did you do this weekend? Did anyone take an end-of-summer trip? Where did you go?


PS. Another beach trip from this summer.

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