What’s the Best Meal You’ve Ever Had?

August 31, 2015

What's The Best Meal You've Ever Had? | The City and Us blog

Recently, during a dinner with coworkers, Dan had the best meal of his life. “Top three meals of my life” he told me, but he couldn’t remember the other two. Any guesses as to what he ate?

…Goat neck.

I did a little research on goat neck, and it turns out that it’s actually a popular dish, even though I can’t remember ever seeing goat neck on a menu, and there are lots of recipes online.

Do you remember the best meal of your life? I’m drawing a blank, but a few meals that have felt a lasting impression: fish and chips in Ireland, prime rib at Christmas, chicken soup at our wedding reception, Cristina’s creamy scrambled eggs, and TexMex in Houston.


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  • Dan O

    Holy moly, that goat neck. There were around 20 of us sharing courses so the restaurant brought out like 5 goat necks for us to share. Fortunately for me only one other person in my section was adventurous so I got to eat 3/4 of it. I couldn’t stop. It was crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth on the inside. And that was AFTER 8 other courses. Absolutely one of my top 3 meals of all time.

    There are so many other meals that compete for my top 3 but the only one that I will add here is Grandma’s Chicken/turkey pot pie. “Home/love” in a meal.

  • Steven Tullar

    One of the best all time meals – Dad’s Sunday night westerns (or easterns as I didn’t like the onions) – with chocolate milkshakes. Followed by popcorn while watching the Ed Sullivan Show. Good food is about who you are eating with and who you love.

  • Meg

    It was a bolognese in Venice. So simple but I’ll never forget it.

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