What Are You Reading These Days?

March 2, 2016

What Are You Reading These Days? | The City and Us

I’m looking for book recommendations. What are you reading these days? Anything good? On Valentine’s Day, Dan and I randomly popped into a thrift shop in Park Slope on our way back from brunch and bought this copy of Withering Heights. It was only $3.27! Have you read it? I know the storyline, of course, but have never read it.

My friend raved about The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. The plot summary has me intrigued. Another friend, who recently made a bold career move, highly recommended YOU are a BADASS by Jen Sincero. My copy came in the mail this weekend, and I’m excited to start it. Dan is reading Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow and loving it.

What are you reading? Any good recommendations? 


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  • Dan O

    I can’t recommend ‘Sick in the Head’ enough for anyone interested in comedy. Over the past 35 years Apatow has been interviewing all of the biggest comedians/comedy producers/writers/directors in the business. He started doing these interviews when he was in high school which allowed him to interview several comedians at the start of their careers and then again within the last few years.

    “Anyone even remotely interested in comedy or humanity should own this book. It is hilarious and informative and it contains insightful interviews with the greatest comics, comedians, and comediennes of our time. My representatives assure me I will appear in a future edition. ” -Will Ferrell

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