Weekly Mini Challenge / 01

February 4, 2016

The City and Us | Weekly Mini Challenge / 01

I have an idea. Would you be up for doing weekly mini challenges with me this winter? Each week, we’ll do something fun and maybe even a little wacky or unexpected, if we’re up for it. And the following week, we’ll share our experiences. I’m thinking little things like mail a handwritten letter, try a new-to-you recipe, meditate for five minutes each day, and ask a complete stranger a question.

What do you think? If you’re up for it, I’d love for you to join me.

Here’s the first weekly mini challenge: share an interesting article with someone–anyone!

I read tons of articles every week. Some of them I just skim, but others will stick with me and I’ll read them a second or third time. I’ll read an article and think to myself, Chelsea would find this interesting or Alex would totally agree with that. I’ll copy the link to a text message with every intention of sending it, but then I’ll get distracted or second guess myself (nevermind, it’s not that interesting). But this week I’m just going to send it!

Who’s in? Next Thursday, we can share how it all went down.



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