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August 27, 2014


Did you make any custom pieces for your wedding celebration? Or are you planning to? DIY weddings have been very popular for a few years now, and I think it’s such a great way to invest in your special day. While Dan and I had a very non-traditional wedding with low-key decor, I spent some time doing a few popular diy projects to add a personal touch to our day, and I loved the entire creative process! Wedding signage is particularly popular, for good reason–they’re so cute! Here’s a look at one of the signs I made for our wedding.


These burlap signs are very easy to make and can be used in several different ways. In addition to this d/k one, I also made one for the bar table that simply said “bar.” I refer to Dan and I as “d + k” often on Instagram, Twitter, and in texts, so, I wanted to make a sign that captured that idea. Instead of using a plus character, I opted for a heart, which I thought was fitting for a wedding day. I found this particular burlap at Joann Fabrics (on sale…surprisingly, burlap can be a bit expensive). It’s a little hard to tell in these photographs, but the burlap has a gold thread sown into it. That little bit of gold sparkle was perfect because I incorporated some other gold objects into the decor (some I spray painted gold and some were items that I was given or already had).

I’d love to know, did you make a sign for your wedding? How about another diy project? I’d love to check out your craftiness! Leave a link in the comment section linking back to your diy project, if you’d like : )

Hope you’re having a great week.


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