Bloglovin’ x H&M Awards Night

September 16, 2015

Bloglovin' x H&M Awards

This past weekend, Dan and I attended the Bloglovin’ x H&M Awards, which is an annual event celebrating the blogging community. This year, the event was hosted at The Diamond Horseshoe, DJ’ed by Chelsea Leyland, and hosted by the amazing Louise Roe and Alexa Chung. It was such a fun night! To no surprise, the photo booth was a huge hit. Here are four funny series of photos with us and some of our friends, if you’d like to see…

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Our Favorite Thing To Do With Visitors In NYC

April 1, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge

Since moving to New York City last spring, Dan and I have had many friends and family visit us in the city. We love having visitors, and it’s so exciting to take people around the city and explore together. We’ve wandered through museums, taste-tested burgers on the Upper West Side, rode the carousel in Central Park, walked the High Line, enjoyed drinks on the Met’s roof deck, plus lots of other fun activities in and around the city. But the one thing that stands out as a favorite for everyone is…

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New Discovery: Dubsmash App

March 24, 2015

This might be the most random post on The City and Us, but these videos are so funny, so I figured I’d share them. When I walked in the door last night, Dan looked up from his phone with a huge smile on his face and said, “You have to watch this!” And then he played the video above for me and I couldn’t stop laughing. I think Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon would be proud!

These videos are made with the Dubsmash App. Have you heard of it–apparently it’s pretty popular? Sounds are sorted into categories like: Inspiration, Food, Hanover, Sing Your Heart Out Album, Swag, Musicals and lots more, and you can search for specific sounds too. Then, once you find one you like, you record yourself “Dubbing”/lip syncing. And share over text message or social media–if you dare. There are even filters!

Thanks, Hannah, for introducing us to this ridiculous app! And thanks, Dan, for letting me post these videos!

Update: One more just for fun (NSFW).


PS. A wine app.

The Laughing Farm on Youtube

May 22, 2014

Hello! How is everyone doing? This week got away from me; for the last few days, I’ve been hunkered down in our apartment trying to finish up a project for work and just haven’t been able to get a post up. But, I have a really fun one for you tonight!

It’s finally here: The Laughing Farm on Youtube! For those of you who don’t know, The Laughing Farm is Dan’s first self-published children’s book. He used CreateSpace (an Amazon company) to publish The Laughing Farm in early December, and it’s available on Amazon.com (this link will take you directly to the book, bonus: if you have Amazon Prime the book ships for free). This video gives viewers an idea of how Dan envisioned his book being read. It’s light-hearted, funny, and cheerful and your kiddos will love it! Check it out, if you’d like and enjoy! xo

Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2014


Just a few photos from our trip to Vermont and New Hampshire for you today in celebration of Earth Day. I found this feather while out walking around Dan’s parents’ property. We looked it up in a bird book and think it’s a hawk feather. Does anyone know for sure?


^^A man and his truck.


^^Beautiful blues and greens at Deb and John’s pond in New Hampshire.

thecityandus.com / The City and Us Blog: A Tiny Christmas Tree in New Hampshire

^^A one-year-old Christmas tree at the O’Brien Tree Farm.

(All photos by Kelley.)

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