Our Favorite Thing To Do With Visitors In NYC

April 1, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge

Since moving to New York City last spring, Dan and I have had many friends and family visit us in the city. We love having visitors, and it’s so exciting to take people around the city and explore together. We’ve wandered through museums, taste-tested burgers on the Upper West Side, rode the carousel in Central Park, walked the High Line, enjoyed drinks on the Met’s roof deck, plus lots of other fun activities in and around the city. But the one thing that stands out as a favorite for everyone is…

walking across the Brooklyn Bridge! The views of the city from the Brooklyn Bridge are fantastic. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, and the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge (and so much more!) are visible from the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the perfect thing to do with guests–and it’s free!

Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Here are a few tips to make the experience great:

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge can be ridiculously crowded with pedestrians and bikers. If possible, try to schedule your walk during off-peak hours. E.g., if you’re out-and-about during a weekday, it will be packed after 5PM (for a couple hours) with commuters. Consider grabbing coffee and going late morning or after 7PMish. Catch the sunset, if you can!
  2. Keep to the right. This is a safety issue and a courtesy issue. I’ve seen too many people trying to get pictures when a biker goes whizzing by and almost crashes into them–it’s scary! And bikers on the bridge can be intense–they will not hesitate to yell at you.
  3. Expect wind and dress warm. During the winter, it can be extremely windy and cold on the bridge even if it seems calm and sunny elsewhere. And, even during the summer, it can be windy. Just in case, throw a light sweater in your bag.
  4. Take pictures! But be smart about it. Wait for a break in the crowd before taking a picture.

Have you walked across the Brooklyn Bridge before? It’s so fun! We’re expecting guests this weekend and planning to take them if the weather cooperates.



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