My Dream Vintage Car: Jeep Grand Wagoneer

March 23, 2015


Here’s a phrase that I never really got until recently: “Let’s go for a drive.” When my grandparents would come and stay with us, I remember them inviting my parents to go for a drive after dinner, like it was a weekend pastime. This made absolutely no sense to me, which is why I opted out every single time I was given a choice in the matter.

But two summers ago, Dan and I test drove a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer that was for sale in our hometown. There’s a vehicle that would make a (short) leisurely drive enjoyable. They’re perfect on warm summer days with those huge windows, and I can picture the passenger with her feet hanging out the window and big sunnies on sipping soda from a straw–no worries, just enjoying summertime.

jeep grand wagoneer

We weren’t really serious about buying the one we tested (worst gas mileage ever), but I love them! My favorite is the navy one, and I also really liked Skyler White’s sparkly red Grand Wagoneer in Breaking Bad. I’ll randomly spot them around Brooklyn, and recently I keep seeing this one pictured below in our neighborhood and secretly want to steal it. ; )

Grand Wagoneer in Park Slope

Thoughts? Would you ever buy one? Do you have one? If you do, let’s go for a drive!


(Top image via. Second image of Dan before we test drove the Wagoneer.)


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