Do or Don’t: Illuminated Marquee Letter Decor

August 26, 2014


Now that we’ve been in our Brooklyn apartment for about a month, I’m starting to think about some new decorating ideas that would work in our space. Since our apartment is a studio, we feel it’s important to create separate spaces for hanging out/watching TV, sleeping, eating, working, etc so that everything doesn’t blur together. You know that combination of eating dinner in bed while watching TV with your laptop on the bed open to your email? Yea…that one drives me crazy! While we’re still working on the furniture situation (we really want to get a couch asap), for artwork, I’ve seen some fun illuminated marquee letter displays in living rooms and kitchens. You can either spell words or use single letters or symbols.


One thing I’m not sure about though: Do illuminated marquee letter displays seem too collegiate? I want to make our home feel grown-up so I’m kind of on the fence. A “D & K” displayed on the floor with some framed artwork might look nice though, don’t you think? Also, I love the arrow!

(“EAT” and “LOVE” via Restoration Hardware. “A” via Sugar & Cloth–a DIY project for under $15! Arrow via The Everygirl.)


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