How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

March 2, 2015

How to get a better night's sleep.

A few weeks ago, I abandoned my need to check the time whenever I get out of bed in the middle of the night, and, interestingly, restraining from this habit has resulted in a better night’s sleep. I typically get up once a night between 3:30AM and 5:30AM, and I know this because I used to always check the time on my phone*. If I get up around 3:30AM, it’s no big deal because I have a few more hours of sleep left, and usually I can fall back asleep and not worry about how much time there is left until my alarm goes off. But if I get up closer to 5:30AM–closer to when I’m supposed to get out of bed–I worry about the hours, minutes, seconds I have left of sleep. And I question whether it’s even worth staying in bed. It’s so annoying.

Now I know the trick is not knowing; if I don’t know what time it is–I can’t stress! It took me a couple weeks to break the habit, but so far so good. Thoughts? Do you use this trick already? Would you try it?


*For years, we haven’t used a digital clock in our bedroom and use our phones as clocks and alarms.




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