How Did You Spend Your First Adult Paycheck?

September 10, 2015

How Did You Spend Your First Adult Paycheck?

Do you remember how you spent your first adult paycheck? Did you treat yourself to a fancy dinner or mani/pedi? Did you put it in an adventure fund? I remember feeling so revealed when I could finally cover all of my own bills. Here, 14 friends share how they spent their first adult paycheck…


After having an unpaid internship after college the experience of getting a paycheck was rather surreal, so I didn’t spend it wisely! I spent part of my first adult paycheck on a nice pair of jeans I had been eyeing. -Sarah

My first paycheck was when I was a junior in college and joined the Navy. I bought two things with my first paycheck—a TV and clothes. But more importantly, I had proof of a paycheck which allowed me to buy a car! -Kara

Comics and cheap beer via a friend’s older sibling. -Jamie

I made $7,600 teaching in Maine that year! I budgeted tightly so I could save to go on a nice vacation to Bermuda—ate cheese, dreams, and hot dogs, and drove a Pinto. But I can’t remember what I did specifically with my first paycheck. Probably went over to a bar in Canada and had a beer. -Deb

After leaving college and receiving my first real paycheck (or soon thereafter), I bought at new 55″ DLP HD Television. Of course without thinking about the transportation aspect. -James

I used my first adult paycheck to satisfy creditors from the oh-so-fun spring break I treated myself to in college!” -Sara

I worked at NAB Bank in Sydney, Australia, and my first several paychecks went towards saving for a trip to New York City. It’s been four years since I moved to NYC—the trip turned into me permanently living here!” -Kathleen

Most of my first adult paycheck went toward rent for my first apartment. I also remember buying my first cell phone right away. It was in the early 2000s and the first camera cell phone had just come out, but I’m pretty sure my sweet flip phone only served one purpose: to call people. -Megan

My first real paycheck was for around $225. I was living in Lido Beach, Florida and it mostly went towards rent. -Jim

I made a very small paycheck at my first real job, working at a Children’s Photography Studio, so mine is not exciting. It all went towards expenses like food and rent. -Nancy

I bought a Breitling Avenger Skyland SS. Needed it! -Ryan

I received my first “real” paycheck in Balmain, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. After work, I took a bunch of friends to the “Rose, Shamrock & Thistle”, my favorite pub, for libations and then we had dinner at tiny Chinese cafe, I think it was too small to be called a restaurant. It was great night and because I paid only $25 a week for a room, I was able to save a good portion of my check every two weeks. These were the days before student loans. -Dave

Most of my first “adult” paycheck actually went into a savings account—never know when you need a rainy day fund—but I thought it was worth a little splurge on a new backpack for adventures around the city. -Hannah

“I was living with my parents in Orford, New Hampshire for a few months after college with no real bills, so I bought myself Bud Light and pizza.” -Dan O


Thank you so much to everyone who shared their paycheck story! How did you spend your first paycheck? I’m curious… : )


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