HBO’s ‘The Jinx’

March 25, 2015

Robert Durst, HBO's The Jinx

Have you watched The Jinx, HBO’s true-crime documentary examining the life and (probable) crimes of Robert Durst? After my friend recommended it last week (loosely comparing it to Serial), Dan and I immediately started watching the six-part series, and we finished it last night. It’s shocking and chilling, and the finale is jaw-dropping.

Robert Durst, the oldest son of New York real estate entrepreneur, Seymour Durst, was a suspect or thought to be involved in at least three murders–of his first wife, best friend, and neighbor. Filmmakers Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling investigate all three cases and uncovers key details.

Here’s an excerpt from the Observer:

The reason that Andrew Jarecki’s  miniseries was so riveting wasn’t just because of the access to this alleged murderer, or the man’s legendarily wealthy family. No, it was Durst himself: who seemed at once extremely cogent and as odd of a duck as they come. He appeared equal parts clever and clueless: half the time his alibis were just bald-faced lies–easy to fact-check if anyone had bothered to–and the way it comes across in the show is that Durst wanted to get caught. Or was at least attracted to the thrill of it; the cat and mouse game. How else could you explain how he even got caught in Galveston after the murder, shoplifting a chicken-salad sandwich from a local chain store despite having $500 in his pocket?

Here’s the trailer:

What do you think? I’d highly recommend it!


(Photos via HBO. Top photo of Robert Durst with wife Kathleen on their wedding day in 1973. Article excerpt by Drew Grant.)



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