Happy Weekend Everyone

June 12, 2015

by Ariele Alasko

What are you up to this weekend? Dan is in New Hampshire for a friend’s bachelor party, and I’ll be catching up on a bunch of work tomorrow. We have a string of busy weekends coming up (weddings 3 and 4 of the year!), so I’m looking forward to getting some items checked off my to-do list. Hope you have a good weekend and here are some fun tidbits from around the web…


The only summer wine guide you need.

Speaking of to-do lists

Such a beautiful bedroom makeover.

Why some indigenous cultures may not have back pain. Fascinating.

“Running sucks; do it anyway.” And another post on running.

Bacterial handprint. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash my hands about 4,000 times.”


An Open Letter to the White Walker Army.

This airy, casual maxi looks perfect for lazy summer weekends (under $39!).

And, if you’re looking for some tunes, a summer playlist.


(Photo by Ariele Alasko.)



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