Happy New Year!

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Are you looking forward to 2015? 2014 was a whirlwind year for us–in the best way possible–and I’m really looking forward to what 2015 has in store for us! I hope you have a joyous year ahead of you, full of love, spontaneity and happiness.

Let’s take a quick look back over the past 10 months…

Midtown via The City and Us blog

Starting on March 18th–the day The City and Us launched (!): Dan and I moved from a small town in central Vermont to a small one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Big moves, like this one, can be scary, but it’s been a great decision for us!

Dinosaur at The Natural History Museum, NYC

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 2014

Along with exploring our neighborhood (in comfy, tomboyish sneakers) and Central Park on a daily basis, we discovered a unique tourist attraction, had drinks on the roofdeck at the Met, toured The Intrepid (highly recommended for history buffs and ship enthusiasts), saw the dinosaurs at The Museum of Natural History (highly recommended to all), and we spent hours roaming through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens when the cherry blossoms bloomed. We’re excited to share more things to do in NYC this year!

I shared Etsy Finds, including beautiful vases, journals, summer sandals, terrariumsweekender bags, and decorative matchboxes. Etsy is so fun, don’t you think?!

Tiny wedding flower arrangements

We talked about weddings, including two elopement stories (one in Napa Valley and one in Las Vegas), tiny wedding flower arrangements, and 9 unique gifts for a bride.


And we covered some fashion trends. Like Do or Don’t posts about Birkenstocks and Tevas, and fall style inspiration posts including these perfect loafers (photo via) and birch tree leggings.

Avocado Toast via THE CITY AND US

There were food posts, like an interview with a gelato chef, avocado toast, the best hummus, and vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes. And I launched a new Healthy Living Series that I hope to expand on in 2015. The first post in the series was with Yesenia Whipple of A Tastier Life.


I shared an easy DIY project with terra cotta pots and beautiful handmade dish cloths and tips for gardening in a small NYC apartment.

We talked about vacation destinations in the USrenting a boulder house, and trips to New EnglandNew Jersey and Coney Island. Also, how you feel after traveling. I hope to do more travel inspired posts this year!

The City and Us

I shared some personal stories about setting goals and feeling sad and having a dog in NYC. Also, we moved to Brooklyn!

Merry Christmas

We wrapped up December with a holiday shopping guide (that I’ll be adding to and editing throughout this year–any suggestions?), our new Stockings-only Christmas tradition, and a few pictures of our simple Christmas decor.

There were several random posts like lemon trees on Amazon, Kid President, buying a home with another couple, a highly recommended webinar on creativity, a great wine app, the NYC Marathon, and Too Many Cooks (plus many more).


The past 10 months have been the most exciting, wonderful journey, full of unexpected surprises, new friends, lots of fun and personal growth for me and Dan. And I’m so grateful to have you here reading along. As with everything, there are ups and downs to blogging/writing, but I’m thrilled–every single day–to write and share information with you all! Thanks so much for joining me here and thank you to all those who have helped and encouraged me along the way–there are many of you. Very much looking forward to growing this space and exciting adventures in 2015! XOXO


And one last photo: My Instagram feature from the Weekend Hashtag Project: Small Shops–I’m still ecstatic about this(!):

In 1985, John O'Brien planted 1000 Christmas trees on 3.5 acres in Orford, New Hampshire, a small town bordering the Connecticut River in central NH.  In 1992, The O'Brien Family Christmas Tree Farm opened its doors to the public. The cut-your-own tree fa




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