Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there and especially to our lovely and wonderful Moms. We love you both to the moon and back and appreciate everything that you do for us (which is a whole lot). Since we won’t be with either of you today, we’ve put together a list of some fun stuff from around the web, tailored to your individual interests. Enjoy!



  1. A list of 79 New Hampshire hikes at sunset including the US Navy’s astronomical info about each full moon (date, time, and where to look).
  2. A delicious black bean and brown rice burger recipe (we’ve made these burgers several times and love them)!
  3. Top 25 historical non-fiction books.



  1. A tool to help you visualize and plan the layout of your garden. Easily “drag-and-drop” more than 150 trees, shrubs, and flowers.
  2. Best selling audio books (4 stars and up) for your weekly commutes.
  3. Fun photo book ideas that Sam, Rory and Caitie will love!


And a few links you both might be interested in:

  1. spring photo challenge (now that you’re both on Instagram). If you want to play along, use ‘cocktails’ in place of ‘easter eggs’ for topic #9, and use the hashtag #dandlspringphotos (we can help with this, if needed ; ) Have fun with it!
  2. No-fuss garden plans.
  3. A sequence of yoga poses designed to help physical and mental balance and strength. Interesting fact: Physical balance in the human body is a complex interaction between the sense of touch, the workings of the inner ear, and proper vision! All three must work together to correctly signal “balance” to the central nervous system.


We love you both so, so much and can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks. xoxo


PS. A few other amazing women we want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to: Gram, Meg, and Keira–you all are wonderful and we love you! xo


(Photos by Meg Hamilton.)


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