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September 3, 2014


If you know me personally, you probably know that I’m kiiiiiind of particular about getting my hair cut. Ok. To be fair, I’m very particular about it. I’m a wuss when it comes to cutting off two or more inches, so I stick to a pretty tight schedule and get a trim every eight weeks. But around the time when we moved to NYC, I was due for a trim, and here’s the crazy thing: Now, I’m approximately nine whopping months past due for a hair cut–gasp! Oh dear hair of mine, I’m so sorry! It’s got to be over four inches longer than usual and is so dry and unhealthy at the ends. It’s really quite sad.

The main reason why I haven’t been to a stylist in NYC is because it’s so dang expensive. The “norm” for a hair cut is around $120! Can you believe that?! And don’t forget about the 20% tip on top of that! Another reason why I haven’t got my hair cut in NYC: I’ve been crossing my fingers for an appointment to open up with my lovely stylist back in NH–I’ve been seeing her and her only for years (see particularity statement above)–so I could just pop in for a quick cut. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out, but what has worked out is I’ve found a more reasonably price (on NYC terms) salon over on the west side and I’m headed to get my hair cut tomorrow. I’m a little nervous but also excited because I like healthy, not-always-tangled-at-the-ends hair. I’ll be cutting three or four inches off and having my layers cleaned up cause they’re practically nonexistent at this point. Something similar to the photos above but a bit longer. What do you think?

How long is your hair? Are you a risk taker with your hair? What cuts are you loving this fall? I’ve been seeing lots of cute bobs around NYC.


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