Etsy Find: Dinosaur Planters

March 9, 2016

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

What quirky little decor things do you have around your home? Any random colorful things on your shelves, hanging from your walls, lining your windowsills? The ones that add character to your space, spark conversation when friends are over for wine and cheese night?

We have two antique brass birds that catch the attention of visitors. I use one as a book end and the other one hangs out with the succulents. We also have a tiny gold-spray-painted unicorn figurine in one of the succulent plants that gets a lot of questions.

We’re loving these dinosaur planters from the Etsy shop Two Tress Botanicals. They’d be fun displayed on a coffee table, don’t you think?

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

Thoughts? Which is your favorite? I love the gold Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

See the whole collection of dinosaur planters, here.


(All images from Two Trees Botanicals.)



  • Dan O

    I can get behind any dinosaur/large animal related topics anytime, anywhere.

  • Ирина

    Dinosaur succulent planters – who would have thought? Steven Spielberg ain’t got nothing on this marvellous creation and all of the materials are up-cycled!

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