Do or Don’t: Unfinished Hems

August 13, 2015

Do or Don't: Unfinished Hems

The other day on the subway, I noticed a stylish women in a chic 70s-inspired look, which is so popular in the city right now, and I also noticed the unfinished hems of her jeans. It was a subtle detail but the slight untouched feel was unique and effortless.

So I did as anyone would do and I googled “unfinished hem trend” later that evening. Turns out, raw and unfinished hems are a thing, and it’s more popular than I thought…

Do or Don't: Unfinished Hems

Do or Don't: Unfinished Hems

Do or Don't: Unfinished Hems

Since my first unfinished-hems sighting, I’ve seen it a few other times around NYC, and, to be honest, this intentionally unkept look is growing on me. It’s especially cool with a pair of heels, don’t you think?

Thoughts? Would you ever wear jeans with unfinished hems?


Images: HonestlyWTF, We Wore What, StyleCaster, Song of Style.)



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