Do or Don’t: Teva Sandals

September 30, 2014


The people of Brooklyn are known for their eccentric, fun, and sometimes all-out weird fashion sense. One trend I’ve noticed on the streets recently is the revival of the Teva sandal. Known for their Velcro straps, rubber soles and brightly colored geometric patterns, Tevas were popular in the 90s amongst the “‘strap in and go,’ spontaneous, go-anywhere, do-anything” adventurous types. They were also a popular Dad shoe, if I recall correctly, and I vaguely remember a few of my grade-school friends donning the durable (read: chunky) sandal. But for the most part, they’ve been out of sight, out of mind for the past two decades.

So, naturally, after I caught a glimpse of this cool, pink and orange pair on Instagram, I visited Teva’s website. I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of new, colorful options (larger selection here) and even a leather polka dot pair. Tevas have officially joined Birkenstocks in the return of Ugly-Pretty footwear, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trend. Would you wear them? Not for you?


(Instagram photo by Jesse Chamberlin. Bottom photo from the Teva website.)



  • ~ Carmen ~

    I just can’t get into this trend or the slider/Birkenstock trend. I blame it on my dad & all the old guys & odd teenage boys who used to sport this when I was a kiddo. That’s all I see. Although, I admire the revitalization & rebranding for the fashionistas of today. :] // ☼ ☯

    • Kelley

      Ha, Carmen, I’m right there with you. As much as I’m impressed with the rebranding efforts by Teva, they’re still Tevas 😉
      …Birkenstocks I could do though!

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