Do or Don’t: Emoji Jewelry

March 3, 2015

emoji necklaces

Would you wear emoji jewelry? Emojis are small digital images or icons used most often in text messages or on social media to express emotions and ideas. First popular in Japanese culture–emoji means “picture letter” in Japanese, emojis have crossed over from the digital age to the physical age in none other than jewelry, t-shirts, stickers, mittenspillows, etc… While cute, I can’t say that I’d make an emoji necklace part of my outfit. Would you? Are you wearing one right now? : )

Maybe one day I’ll be trying out my blog posts on an emoji typewriter!


Update: VeraMeat has a cute, inexpensive Emoji jewelry collection, if you’re looking.


PS. Curious about the true meaning of a specific emoji? There’s an emojipedia for that!

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