DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots–Winged Blog Tour

December 4, 2014


A couple months ago, I spotted a pretty photo on Instagram by Bonnie Christine, fabric designer and blogger at Going Home to Roost. On her Instagram, Bonnie invited makers to join her on her Winged Blog Tour. At the time, I had no idea what that meant, but the pretty patterned fabrics on her Instagram feed and her always colorful, inspiring blog persuaded me to email her.

The Winged Blog Tour is a “blog hop” (another thing I had no idea about), which is when a group of bloggers post content about a predetermined topic and share the link to the previous day’s blog post as well as the link to the next day’s blog post. Readers then “hop” from one post to the next, learning about the topic and gaining new insights as they visit each blog. Winged is Bonnie’s new line of cheerful fabrics. Here’s the inspiration behind the line:

I have always noticed the very first butterfly each spring. It has been one of the sweetest sightings for me each year. It means a new season is upon us, warmer weather is on its way and fresh blooms will be emerging from the ground. It also evokes this feeling within me of inspiration- like all things are possible. The butterfly’s journey from caterpillar to butterfly is one that I’ll never stop marveling at.

This feeling of spreading one’s great wings and soaring is one that connects with me deeply. A long time ago I decided that I would pursue my dreams no matter what. I would make great sacrifices, journey into the unknown put my heart and soul on the line to live my creative dream. That is what winged is about. Spreading your wings and flying into the unknown. –Bonnie Christine

The Winged Blog Tour, which will run through December 18th, is made up of 31 bloggers from all over the world! Check out the list of bloggers and the round-up of projects, here. If you’re a sewer, there are some amazing projects in the round-up–I’d highly recommend checking them out. Today is my stop on the tour, which will not involve any sewing 😉 and I’m so excited to share this easy and relatively quick DIY project with you all!

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots 7

What you’ll need:

  • Terra cotta pots (I bought two new pots from the hardware store a few blocks from our apartment for $1.99/ea and used a few older ones I had saved)
  • Fabric
  • Elmer’s Glue-All (Mod Podge will work too)
  • Small paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Lace/ribbon

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots 1

How to make it:

Start by cutting a piece of fabric that will wrap once around your pot. (Tip: Laid the pot on the fabric, wrap the fabric around once, mark where to cut with a pencil, cut out the fabric, and then use the cut out as a guide for the next piece of fabric.) Also leave some extra fabric at the top and bottom to fold over.

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots 3

Using a small paint brush, coat a small section of the pot with glue (I worked in about 2-3 inch wide strips, and coated the whole length of the pot). Stick the fabric on the glue covered section of the pot, leaving about 1 inch of extra fabric at the top. Use your fingers to smooth the fabric as you work around the outside of the pot, without worrying about the fabric at the top and bottom of the pot. Continue doing this all the way around the pot. (Tip: To hide the raw edges of the fabric once you’ve glued all the way around, make a fold and then lightly brush glue over the fold.)

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots 4

Once the fabric is wrapped all the way around the outside of the pot, cut small slits in the excess fabric around the top and bottom. (Tip: There doesn’t need to be a bunch of extra fabric to fold over. Trim off the excess so only about an inch remains to fold over.)  This will help to make a smoother fold over the top and bottom. Brush some glue on the inside rim of the pot and then fold fabric into the pot so it lays smoothly around the rim. Do the same on the bottom. If needed, coat any loose fabric with glue.

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots 6

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots 5

Decorate as desired and then let dry. (Note: Elmer’s Glue-All is for interior use, so I’d suggest using these pots inside otherwise the glue will wash off.)

DIY Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots

Ta-da–DIY fabric covered terra cotta pots! These would make such fun gifts, don’t you think? Plant a succulent or give a package of wild flower seeds with a pretty patterned pot!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you give this project a try, I’d love to see it! Leave a link in the comments, if you’d like.

Up next on the Winged Blog Tour is Brooke Crook of Oliver’s Fancy–be sure to check out her project tomorrow. And in case you missed it, yesterday’s project was by Taylor Urban of It’s Taylor Made.

Thanks so much, Bonnie!


PS. Another simple, pretty DIY project with a hint of gold.

(All photos taken by me : )



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