Delicious Hummus

September 23, 2014

A couple years ago, Dan and I started making hummus from scratch. Until then, we’d mostly had the store-bought kind, which is good but definitely not as good as homemade hummus. We follow this easy and smooth hummus recipe by Joanne and Adam Gallagher of Inspired Taste. So good!

For a light, easy dinner option, we’ll simply cut up a bunch of veggies (carrots, celery, red and yellow peppers–whatever you like), open a box of crackers (we love Triscuit’s cracked pepper & olive oil crackers with hummus) and make a batch of this hummus to share. Also, we like to drizzle herb-infused olive oil on top of our hummus (like Joanne and Adam mentioned in this video). I’d highly recommend topping your hummus with flavored olive oil, if you have any kicking around the house.

On buying tahini: We’ve noticed that not all grocery stores carry tahini, and if they do, it’s generally found in the Asian food section or, sometimes, by the peanut butter. Tahini, which is simply ground sesame seeds, can be pricey. Often, you can find it in bulk on Amazon (like this pack of two for $10.49) for a better price than you would at the grocery store.




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