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November 24, 2014


My good friend Virginia introduced me to the Delectable wine app. Do you use it? I recently setup an account, and I’m really excited to start using it to keep track of the wines I’ve tried and ones I like and don’t like. Delectable is also a great way to find new wines suggested by friends, family and professionals within the wine industry: sommeliers, winemakers, winery owners, writers, etc. Sounds fun, right?


Here’s a summary of Delectable:

“We built Delectable with the dream of making the world of wine simple and fun for everyone. You can use Delectable to learn about any wine you come across in the real world. Try snapping a picture to get quick information in a grocery store or a restaurant. In seconds, we’ll identify the wine and bring you ratings from our community of wine lovers and professionals.

You can also use Delectable to discover new wines. Some of the best minds in the wine world are active members of our community! Follow sommelier Raj Parr, writer Jon Bonné, or winemaker Cathy Corison to see what they are drinking…you might discover a new favorite.” -Alex Fishman, Founder


The app is very user-friendly and the setup is quick and easy, and you can personalize your account with a profile picture. You can download Delectable and start building your library of wines for free here: iPhone and Android.

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post–I’m just excited about this app! Find me under the user name Kelley MacDonald. 🙂

(Photo and summary via Delectable.)



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