9 Cute Hedgehog Products

December 21, 2015

The City and Us | Atticus the Hedgie

Joining the lot of Random Posts on The City and Us is this roundup of cute hedgehog products. Maybe you’ve noticed the Internet’s recent obsession with all things hedgehog, maybe you haven’t (maybe you have a hedgehog?). Either way, they seem like sweet, delightful little critters, and there are plenty of hedgie products online these days. This roundup is inspired by my friend Stephanie’s hedgehog, Atticus, pictured above…don’t you just want to (gently) squeeze him?! Click or tap each picture for details…

The City and Us | Hedgehog Washi Tape

The City and Us | Hedgehog Pendant Necklace






The City and Us | Hedgehog Table Lamp

Rubber Stamp






The City and Us | Hedgehog Christmas CardThe City and Us | Hedgehog MittensThe City and Us | Hedgehog Bristles Doormat






Which is your favorite? I like the toothpick holder and table brush. For an overload of cuteness, follow Atticus on Instagram.


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  • Washi Wednesday

    The hedgehog design washi tape no longer available from our store. mt x Lisa Larson series mt tape will be discontinued item due to its license. If anyone like this series, you may want to get other designs before they are sold out!

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