A Genius Travel Tip

January 15, 2016

The City and Us | Genius Travel Tip

Are you planning any trips this year? Dan and I haven’t been on a trip–one that requires us flying somewhere–in years. We went to Napa Valley with my sister and brother-in-law in 2012, and I think that was the last place we traveled together. So I’m hoping to plan a trip somewhere fun this year. I’m looking for inspiration, if you have any suggestions. But, first, a genius travel tip…

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North Fork, Long Island Getaway

October 21, 2015

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

Hello!! How have you guys been? I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog for weeks, and I’m looking forward to getting back to posting daily. Sunday night, Dan and I got back from a weekend getaway in Greenport, New York, a small beach town on the North Fork of Long Island. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

The Long Island Rail Road makes it super easy to travel from Manhattan and Brooklyn to small beach towns on Long Island. So, last Friday afternoon, we rode the train to the last stop on the North Fork: Greenport, NY.

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

We stayed at the Greenporter Hotel, which is conveniently located a few blocks from the train stop and only a five minute walk to all the cute coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants in Greenport. The Greenporter is a good budget-friendly option, but next time we’ll try to book an Airbnb in advance.

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

First and South was our favorite restaurant in town–we went twice! The first time we went for Bloody Mary’s and mimosas–both excellent–and the second time was to try their Really Good Burger–also excellent (and large enough to split between two people).

We had margaritas and nachos at Lucharitos, a taqueria and tequila bar, on Main Street. I wasn’t expecting to find Mexican food on the North Fork, so this place was a pleasant surprise. The service at the bar was some of the best service I’ve ever experienced, and the margaritas were delicious. I had the Strawberry Margarita and the Classic Margarita and would recommend either.

We also tried Cladio’s, a seafood restaurant, and Coronet, a casual breakfast and lunch spot. Two good options as well. Although we didn’t have time to check them out, Bruce & Son’s Cheese EmporiumScrimshaw, and Blue Canoe Oyster Bar & Grill were high on lists of recommendations.

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

Most of the shops and restaurants line one of two streets in town, so we walked everywhere. We explored side streets and walked along the edge of the water and found tiny private beaches. Halloween and Fall decor were in abundance.

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

North Fork Getaway | The City and Us

Saturday afternoon, we walked to the Kontokosta Winery, a beautiful 62-acre winery with over a quarter mile of Long Island Sound waterfront (it’s gorgeous!). We split a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, which was savory and delicious. On warm days, a bar is open on the bluff and guests can enjoy drinks and snacks overlooking the Sound, but sadly, it was too windy the day we visited (as you can see from our crazy wind hair).

As an aside, there were flurries on Sunday afternoon while we waited for the train back to Brooklyn. Sigh. Did we skip Fall?

Anyway, hope you’re all having a good week. See you back here tomorrow! : ) xoxo


PS. Another fun weekend getaway.

Do or Don’t: Fitness Vacations

September 3, 2015

Do or Don't: Fitness Vacations

The other night, while reading articles online, I came across a round up of budget-friendly fitness vacations. This got me thinking: Do people really want to workout on vacation? I daydream of lounging on sandy beaches, floating in clear, blue water, and midday naps when I think of vacation.

But, as it turns out, “wellness tourism” is a $500 billion industry, including everything from fitness retreats, to adventure vacations, to health spas. And for good reason. Imagine a week-long stay at Costa Rica’s Lucero Surf Retreats, which includes four hours of private surf lessons per day, or daily hiking excursions in Vermont’s Green Mountains, or white water rafting and mountain biking in Moab, Utah.

Don’t these trips seem wonderfully liberating? Some days I feel chained to my desk or cramped in our tiny NYC apartment, so a chance to be out in nature and active for more than my scheduled 45 minutes per day sounds glorious.

What are your thoughts on fitness vacations? Have you been on a wellness retreat? Would you?


(Photo of me kayaking in New Hampshire taken by Whitney.)

A Weekend in New Hampshire

July 31, 2015

Sanbornton, NH wedding

This past weekend, Dan and I took a quick trip to New Hampshire for our friends’ wedding in Sanbornton, New Hampshire. It was a whirlwind weekend, in the best way possible. Here’s a recap…

NYC --> NH!

Early Saturday morning, we caught a bus from Manhattan to Hanover, New Hampshire, which I now know is one of the most convenient and low-stress (although pricey) ways to travel from NYC to NH. Check out those “executive-style” seats–good enough for a nap.

My Mom lives five minutes from the bus stop, so she met us with delicious BLTs from the King Arthur Flour Café in hand–thanks, Ma! Then, we changed, packed the car with pillows, sleeping bags, and a tent, and headed for Sanbornton.

Sanborton, NH

DIY Beer Trough

DIY New Hampshire Wedding

The wedding was hosted at Longlook Farm, a beautiful 200-acre property with a pond, rustic barn, stone walls, apple trees, and incredible mountain views. And the bride and groom added their own touch with a two-piece custom built beer trough (made by the groom!), entertaining wedding props, colorful outfit details, and a delicious burger bar.



Then Sunday afternoon was spent napping and lounging by/in Dan’s parents’ pond. One thing we miss so much about living in New England is easy access to lakes, ponds, and rivers for swimming. In NYC, it’s either a crowded pool or a minimum of an hour train ride to the nearest beach. So, we finally got to swim in the pond last weekend! It’s funny what you miss, isn’t it?

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend! xx


PS. A fun Vermont weekend & wedding.

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

July 15, 2015

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

A few days ago, I was looking through Airbnb listing for an inexpensive rental in Brooklyn, and I found something random: A retired NYC taxi that’s been converted to sleeping quarters! The taxi van is parked on Long Island City, near the East River waterfront promenade, and will run you $69 a night, which includes a bed, pillows, sheets, and a portable wireless air-conditioner.

Although guests aren’t allowed to drive the taxi around NYC, a sleepover in an authentic NYC taxi would make for an adventurous night. Also, you could take some fun pictures! Imagine a hilarious holiday card posed as the driver of your very own bright yellow NYC cab. And how fun would it be to throw a toddlers birthday party with the taxi as the main attraction?!

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

NYC Taxi Cab on Airbnb

What do you think? Would you ever stay in the NYC taxi? The only issue I see is needing to shower–cause city grime is the real deal. But I’d totally do it for one night!

(Photos from Airbnb.)

The Brimfield Antique Show (AKA The Mother of All Pop-up Fleas)

May 27, 2015

Brimfield Antique Show Blankets

Two weeks ago, on my drive back to Brooklyn from Vermont, I stopped by The Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, MA. The wildly popular pop-up flea market, fondly referred to simply as “Brimfield,” is a treasure trove for antiquers and junk-lovers. This was my first trip to Brimfield, and it actually wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I pictured something similar to fairgrounds at a country fair, but instead, shops were setup along both sides of the main street that goes right through the quaint town of Brimfield. You could wander off the main drag and down pathways, driveways, and dirt roads that were also lined with shops.

Brimfield Antique Show Canvas Baskets Brimfield Antique Show Canvas Baskets Brimfield Antique Show Sea Creatures Brimfield Antique Show Glass Bottles

I admit that it was a bit overwhelming at times–there are thousands of people wandering through the markets, but in general, I had a great time! If you’re able to tag along with someone who’s been the Brimfield before, I’d recommend doing that. Luckily, I was with a group of people that know Brimfield well (they have a tradition of going each year, which I thought was pretty fun!). They acted as our casual tour guides and knew of the best shops to visit and the most convenient place to park. They also knew exactly where to get coffee and amazing donuts–both necessary for an early start at Brimfield!

Brimfield Antique Show Old Photos Brimfield Antique Show Letter Stamps Brimfield Antique Show Spoons Brimfield Antique Show Flannels

Although I didn’t have my heart set on buying anything in particular, I’ve wanted a cowhide rug for quite some time, and I love the idea of hanging an antique American flag as wall art (like this one behind a brown leather chair). So, I looked for both a rug and a flag, and I ended up finding several amazing, affordable cowhide rugs but didn’t make a purchase. I’m hoping to go back in September and get one! Probably my favorite items at Brimfield are those canvas floor baskets and beautiful indigo throws pictured above. And among the most peculiar things I saw where these decorated deer heads…thoughts?

Brimfield Antique Show Deer Brimfield Antique Show Deer

Have you been to The Brimfield Antique Show before? What did you think? If you enjoy antique shopping and flea markets, I’d highly recommend going, and you’re in luck because there are two more shows this year (July 14-19 and September 8-13)!


(I posted a couple more pictures on Instagram, if you’d like to see.)

What to Pack for a Memorial Day Getaway

May 21, 2015

Do you have a Memorial Day getaway planned? Tomorrow night, Dan and I are meeting up with our good friends and driving to Dayton, Ohio for a wedding. We’ll be there for the long weekend (which makes the drive a little easier to swallow), and I’m looking forward to a few days out of the city while catching up with friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

On Saturday, we’re hoping to explore Dayton a bit, and then the wedding celebration is on Sunday. So, what to pack for a getaway weekend that includes a casual day of adventure and a wedding? Here are some items I have in mind…

What to Pack for a Memorial Day Getaway

1. An easy weekender bag (currently 30% off) with a smart bottom pocket for your shoes. (I have a version of this bag that’s great for overnights and day trips.)

2. A cami dress that’s cute dressed down with white sneakers or dressed up with…

3. Sexy heeled sandals for dinner and drinks.

4. A lovely cuff (on sale for $33!) to add a bit of sparkle.

5. Another perfect accessory: rosy lips. This balm is perfect for anytime.

6. The perfect spring cover up: short-sleeved sweatshirt. The olive color is also lovely.

7. A cool Panama hat to wear while strolling along city streets.

8. A delicious smelling hair mist that doubles as a perfume with essential oils of lavender and sage for a calming aroma.

9. Ripped white jeans because it’s Memorial Day weekend! And they look effortless with that grey t-shirt and those brown sandals.

10. Pretty flat sandals–currently only $27! Also love this demi-wedge pair that would be comfy to wear to a wedding.

11. Drapey t-shirt for a casual brunch date. I have this exact shirt and love it.


What do you always pack for weekend getaways?


(Image by Mr. Cup.)


Mother’s Day Weekend in Vermont

May 15, 2015

A Vermont Weekend | City and Us

For the past several years, my mom, sister and I have spent Mother’s Day weekend gardening and spring cleaning at our family home in Vermont. Sadly, I wasn’t able to travel to Vermont last year for Mother’s Day, but this year, I rearranged my schedule–I was determined to not miss another weekend of playing in the dirt with them!–and took a bus from Manhattan to Hanover, New Hampshire (about 20 minutes from our family home).

The lush beauty of spring in VT was so refreshing and peaceful; the trees were bright green, the mountain tops were kissed by misty clouds, and the fiddleheads were starting to uncurl. On Saturday morning, we went for a long walk on a back road, and I remembered to bring my camera (!). Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…

A Vermont Weekend | City and Us

A Vermont Weekend | City and Us blog

A Vermont Weekend | City and Us blog

A Vermont Weekend | City and Us blog

Vermont Weekend | City and Us blog

Fiddleheads in Vermont | City and Us blog

Fiddleheads in Vermont | City and Us blog

And the two happiest walking partners (ever): Dixie and Fiona:



Now that I’m getting settled back into my routine, I’ll be back to posting regularly next week. See you then and have a great weekend! xx : )

Vacation Idea: Landlocked Beaches

February 5, 2015

Vacation Idea: Landlocked Beaches (Gulpiyuri Beach in Llanes, Spain)

Vacation Idea: Landlocked Beaches (Gulpiyuri Beach in Llanes, Spain)

Did you see this recent article about landlocked beaches? Gulpiyuri Beach, only 40 meters in length, is in the middle of a green meadow, located near the town of Llanes, Spain. Llanes is a coastal town in Northern Spain, but Gulpiyuri Beach is 100 meters from the ocean shoreline and is fully tidal and even has waves! How cool is that?

More pictures of Gulpiyuri Beach here. And, apparently, there are a number of landlocked beaches on this planet. Sign me up!


(Photos by supercoco via Flickr.)

Vacation Idea: Rent a Boulder House

November 5, 2014

Stone house

How cozy would it be to hunker down in northern Portugal’s ‘House of Stone’ on a chilly Christmas day?! Built between four large boulders found on the site in the Fafe mountains, this boulder house is often referred to as the real life Flintstones house. So cool!

Are any of you planning to travel for the holidays?

Stone house

Photos via flickr

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