A Genius Travel Tip

January 15, 2016

The City and Us | Genius Travel Tip

Are you planning any trips this year? Dan and I haven’t been on a trip–one that requires us flying somewhere–in years. We went to Napa Valley with my sister and brother-in-law in 2012, and I think that was the last place we traveled together. So I’m hoping to plan a trip somewhere fun this year. I’m looking for inspiration, if you have any suggestions. But, first, a genius travel tip…

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Happy Weekend & Links

January 9, 2016

The City and Us | Weekend Links

Woohoo–we made it through the first week of 2016! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? We’re going to a friend’s birthday party tonight in Williamsburg, and then hanging out in Park Slope tomorrow. Hope you have a good one, and here are some links for your weekend reading…


This guy delivered his baby at home in bed and then recapped the whole experience…on Twitter.

My running mantra.

Bat Dad and Dog Robin are the cutest.

Seth Meyer’s Making A Murderer parody is hilarious.

These loaded sweet potato skins look delicious and easy to cook.

Next trip: The Philippines.

The new app Peach is getting lots of attention.

Beautiful concrete ring holders.

Should you filter your water? (Interesting.)

Learning the rules of the road with a little help from Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, & Conan. Lol.


(Image from The Daily Frenchie.)

Did You Make Any New Year’s Resolutions?

January 8, 2016


The City and Us | New Year's Resolutions 2016

How’s your week been? Are you back in the swing of things? The mornings have been a bit of a drag for me after sleeping in practically every morning over the holidays, but I’m slowly getting back on track. This made me laugh.

During lunch hour this week, my colleagues have been chatting about their New Year’s resolutions. There are some good ones, too–be able to touch my toes by the end of the year, bring my own lunch to work more often, have better posture, order only one meal on Seamless per week.

I’ve admitted before that I skip New Year’s Resolutions. But these conversations got me thinking, and now I’m in the mood to try a few. So, my three resolutions are…

  1. Make our apartment feel like home. Ever since we moved to NYC, our apartments have lacked that cozy, comfortable, home-y feel, and more importantly–they just haven’t felt like us. We didn’t even have a couch until recently, and most of the furniture we have was given to us and has never really felt like our style. We’ve made a few upgrades lately, but my plan is to work on decorating, storage solutions, etc and make our space feel like our own.
  2. Face mask. They’ve never been part of my beauty routine, but a few of my friends swear by them. This one looks promising. Let me know if you have any favorites–I’m looking for recommendations!
  3. Keep my everyday bag organized, i.e., one Softlips Cube is enough, and for the love of sanity–do not keep receipts. I’ll be organizing it this weekend.

What are your 2016 resolutions? Are you doing something big?


Illustration by Bianca Cash.

Happy 2016!

January 4, 2016

Happy New Year, friends. I can’t believe it’s 2016, can you? I hope the year ahead is full of happy adventures for everyone. Thank you so much for a wonderful 2015; it has been so much fun to have you here. Let’s take a quick look back over the past year…

The City and Us | Brooklyn Blizzard 2015

Last year around this time, Brooklyn (and the rest of the Northeast) was covered in snow, and NYC shut down for a snow day. We also talked about Winter Reading Liststhe food delivery service Blue Apron (have you tried it, yet?), and annoying words.

The City and Us | How to Feel Settled in a New Place

In February, I wrote about how to feel settled in a new place, which is something that Dan and I are constantly working on now that we live in the greatest city in the world :). And there were posts on interior decor like where to buy Moroccan rugs, pretty geometric planters, and monochrome rooms. Plus, an important winter survival tip and a cute Valentine’s Day themed piñata.

The City and Us | Running Routine

The big news in March: The City and Us turned ONE year old! Also, emoji jewelry, how to get a better night’s sleep, the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and how to start and maintain a running routine.

Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

In April, I shared our favorite thing to do when friends and family come to visit, lessons from my first year of blogging, and whole bunch of random stuff in this fun post.

Casual Work Wear | City and Us blog

In May there were a few outfit posts, and I’d love to do more posts on style and beauty this year. Any requests? There was also a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend in Vermont, the Broomfield Antique Show, and the end of an era in May.


In June, I launched a new series focusing on career journeys and life, and it’s easily one of my favorite things about blogging. I’m excited to do more interviews in 2016! There was also a beautiful DIY Vermont wedding and a fun interview and tour of my office in the Meatpacking District that month.

The City and Us | NH wedding

There was another beautiful wedding in July. Also, the discovery of a fantastic podcast and this random and hilarious Instagram account.

Dan and Kelley Lake Sunapee Wedding

July is also our anniversary, and I shared our wedding story.

unfinished hems

I wrote about being indecisive, frayed hem jeans, the best meal I’ve ever ate, and why time flies in August.

Do or Don't: Fitness Vacations

In September, we explored the newly renovated Brooklyn Bridge Park, talked about fitness vacations, and learned how 14 readers spent their very first adult pay check.


October was a fun, busy month. We moved into a new apartment in Park Slope, spent a long weekend on Long Island, and launched The City and Us Shop! Also, I wrote a piece on conversation starters–do you have any good tips to start thoughtful conversations?

Guest Post: Twin Stripe: Travel Like A Local: Brooklyn

November consisted of posts on gifting, the comeback of flare jeans, a compelling new true-crime documentary (it’s unbelievably gripping!), and a guest post on visiting Brooklyn.

The City and Us | Atticus the Hedgie

To wrap up the year, December featured a cute roundup of hedgehog products, a list of our favorite TV shows, my new favorite candle, and our holiday card.


And just for fun, some random posts from 2015: the Bloglovin’ Awards night, riding the NYC subway, a tip for cleaning jewelry, and fun cake toppers.


Thank you so much for reading, as always; I’m thrilled to have you here! I’d love to hear what’s on your mind recently, and know what topics you’d like to see more of on The City and Us this year. Anything you’d like to see less of? Feel free to shoot me an email (kelleymacdonald19 {at}, let me know in the comments below, or find me on social media. XO


PS. The beginning of 2015.

Our Holiday Card

December 24, 2015

The City and Us | Artifact Uprising Holiday Cards

Happy Holidays! What are your plans over the next several days? Doing anything fun for New Years? I hope you have a relaxing holiday and soak up time with your loved ones.

The City and Us | Artifact Uprising Holiday Cards

Do you send holiday cards to friends and family? I didn’t get around to sending one the past couple years, but this year, I tried Artifact Uprising for the first time. I love their selection of simple designs, and their photo gifts are great, too.

The design we picked is part of their 3-in-1 card series.  With perforated seams, recipients have the option to tear away the ‘happy holidays’ piece and repurpose as a gift tag, and keep the photo for year-round display. Cool idea, right?

The City and Us | Artifact Uprising Holiday Cards



PS. This post is *not sponsored by Artifact Uprising. I just really love their products and mission.

Happy Weekend & Links

December 19, 2015

The City and Us Christmas Links

How was your week? Doing anything fun this weekend? It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is this Friday, does it? I don’t feel like I’m ready for the holidays at all, but we’re spending the weekend getting organized and hopefully checking a few things off the To-Do-Before-Christmas List. Hope you have a good and productive weekend. The web was full of great links this week, here are a few…


Have you seen this lumberjack, plaid cake?! Awesome.

A Christmas-themed Billy on the Street featuring Will Ferrell.

The happiest dancing Boston Terrier ever.

Smart: DIY Netflix socks pause your show automatically, so you never miss a moment.

Hey, U.S.A., let’s do this asap.

Smart packing tips.

It’s time to upgrade our pans, and this pretty one is top of my list.

How the State Street Ballet spent a 5-Hour layover.

Cinnamon hazelnut butter sounds wonderfully indulgent.

House plants for low, medium, and high light.

Lastly, tomorrow is the final day to order one of these delicious candles for 15% off. Use the code ‘TheCityandUs15’ at checkout, if you’d like.


Have a great one, and I’ll see you back here on Monday. xx

Happy Weekend & Links

December 12, 2015

The City and Us | Weekend Links

What are you up to this weekend? We’re making an effort to actually get in the holiday spirit by putting up some twinkle lights in our apartment. Maybe it’s the freakishly warm temps, but it just doesn’t feel like December or Christmas time, and subsequently, I am not in the holiday spirit…Dan says we’re being Grinch-y. But tonight we’re going to a party at the Z Hotel, and I’m going to dress holiday-ish. That counts for something, right? Hope you have a good weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…


One-pan dinner recipes like Chicken Pot Pie and Winter Minestrone.

Oh, so, this is how you fold a fitted sheet.

Instagram Husband is hysterical.

A pretty marble-print journal.

Christmas tree alternatives for small spaces.

Brooklyn sunsets have been crazy good lately.

This ‘Less House, More Home’ print is a good reminder.

In which you actually want to be pulled over.

The coolest frames for small pictures.

Little girls portray 2015’s greatest women. So good.

And, lastly, festive party straws that will take any party up a notch.

PSA: Serial Podcast Season Two Launched Today

December 10, 2015

Serial Podcast Season 2 | The City and Us

Did you listen to Season One of the Serial Podcast? I was totally hooked, like everyone else. Today, Episode One of Season Two launched, and I’m pumped!

Here’s the storyline of the new season…

Serial Podcast Season 2 Bow Bergdahl | The City and Us

In May 2014, a U.S. Special Operations team in a Black Hawk helicopter landed in the hills of Afghanistan. Waiting for them were more than a dozen Taliban fighters and a tall American, who looked pale and out of sorts: Bowe Bergdahl. Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier, had been a prisoner of the Taliban for nearly five years, and now he was going home.

President Obama announced Bergdahl’s return in the Rose Garden, with the soldier’s parents at his side. Bergdahl’s hometown of Hailey, Idaho, planned a big celebration to welcome him back. But then, within days—within hours of his rescue, in fact—public reaction to his return flipped. People started saying Bergdahl shouldn’t be celebrated. Some of the soldiers from his unit called him a deserter, a traitor. They said he had deliberately walked off their small outpost in eastern Afghanistan and into hostile territory.

Hailey canceled its celebration. The army launched an investigation. Finally, in March, the military charged Bergdahl with two crimes, one of which carries the possibility of a life sentence. Through all of this, Bergdahl has been quiet. He hasn’t spoken to the press or done any interviews on TV. He’s been like a ghost at the center of a raucous fight.

Now, in Season Two, we get to hear what he has to say.

For this season, Sarah Koenig teams up with filmmaker Mark Boal and Page 1 to find out why one idiosyncratic guy decided to walk away, into Afghanistan, and how the consequences of that decision have spun out wider and wider. It’s a story that has played out in unexpected ways from the start. And it’s a story that’s still going on.


I already listened to Episode One this morning. This season is going to be everrrrry interesting.

Will you listen? Have you already? What did you think?


(Image of Bowe Bergdahl via NY Times, Season Two description by Serial Podcast.)

Do or Don’t: Gifts for Co-Workers

December 3, 2015

Do or Don't: Gifts for Co-Workers

At my last job, I exchanged Christmas gifts with my two closest co-workers each year. The usual gifts were small trinkets from recent trips, gift cards to coffee shops, crates of Florida oranges, and boxes of gourmet tea. We’d take a long lunch break together and open presents and chit-chat. It was a nice way to unwind and kickoff the holiday break.

Since I worked in a lab where there were about 300 employees, it was common to give gifts to only a few close co-workers. But for the holidays this year, I’m torn. Bloglovin’ is  a small company. There are about 25 people in our NYC office. So would it be weird to get just a few colleagues gifts? Should I skip it all together? What if someone gets me a gift and I didn’t get them something?

What are your thoughts? Do you buy gifts for co-workers? If so, what are your go-to gifts?


(Image by la mesa.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving | The City and Us

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Have a wonderful day. We’re going to Dan’s family farm in New Hampshire for a turkey dinner and then straight chilling the rest of the day. Have a delicious holiday! xx


(Image by Beth.)

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