How was your weekend?

March 29, 2016

The City and Us | Dartmouth College Campus

How was your weekend? Did you do anything for Easter? We planned to have a lazy weekend around Brooklyn, but instead, we took a bus early Thursday morning to Vermont for a few days. We haven’t been back since Christmas, it was so nice to see everyone.

I’m looking forward to catching up over the next couple days. Hope your week is off to a good start. xx

11 Photos of Napping Humans & Tips for the Ultimate Nap

March 18, 2016

The City and Us | 11 Photos of Humans Napping

Are you a napper? Dan is a hardcore napper. I’d guess he fits in a good nap once each weekend, and when he’s lucky, he’ll get in a short 20-minute nap after work once every couple of weeks. Sometimes I wish I could fall into a dreamy sleep for 45 minutes as easily as he does, but I’ve never really been a good napper. I’m more of an “once I’m up, I’m up” person. (Except for in college, I napped a couple times a week. But didn’t everyone? ; ) What about you? Do you nap?

Since today is World Sleep Day, here are 11 restful photos of napping humans, and a Napping 101 guide by Casper, an online mattress company. The guide highlights the benefits of fitting in a nap on a busy day–like reducing stress, increasing productivity, and boosting memory–and tips for the ultimate nap–check it out below!

11 Photos of Humans Napping | The City and Us

A boy and his dog sleeping in the summer by Izabela Urbaniak.

11 Photos of Humans Napping | The City and Us

Tippi Degre sleeping with a lion cub.

11 Photos of Humans Napping | The City and Us

Boy in a diary farm in New Brunswick, Canada by Joseph John Kotlowski for National Geographic.

11 Photos of Humans Napping | The City and Us

Theo and Evvie.

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Weekly Mini Challenge / 04

March 17, 2016

The City and Us | Weekly Mini Challenge / 04

We spent a week showing our love for others, so it only seems fair that we take a week for ourselves, right? As Aziz Ansari and Marietta ‘Retta” Sirleaf say, ‘Treat. Yo. Self.’

Here are seven fun ideas…feel free to add more in the comments…

  1. Soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine for as long as you want.
  2. Splurge on something you use every day, like lotion, mascara, or perfume.
  3. Buy a colorful bouquet of flowers for your bedside table.
  4. Netflix & chill.
  5. Go on a long stroll or jog around the neighborhood.
  6. Take a good book to the park, find a spot in the sun, and read for the afternoon. (Leave your phone at home.)
  7. Naps.

Have fun with this one, friends. ‘Treat yo self!’ x


(Photo by Vogue.)

Weekly Mini Challenge / 03 Recap

March 12, 2016

The City and Us | Weekly Mini Challenge / 03 Recap

How’d you do with the one-line-a-day journaling challenge? I liked the low commitment of one or two sentences. At most, it took me a couple minutes to write an entry, and I learned that if I missed a day it wasn’t a big deal because remembering one detail from the previous day is easy.

Here’s my week in one-line-a-day journal entries…

03.03: Ran three miles on the treadmill with a stomach ache.

03.04: TGIFridays was fun.

03.05: Intense games of Sorry! and Asshole at the bar with friends. Smooched on 8th Ave and 2nd Street on the walk home.

03.06: Delicious brunch of Huevos Rancheros at Grand Canyon Diner followed by a nap.

03.07: Blarg…Mondays.

03.08: Ran the loop in Prospect Park with Dan; first outside run together in months.

03.09: Hello Spring! (Also, hot and sweaty ‘tempo run’ at the gym after work.)

03.10: Inside Out movie is great.

03.11: Ping pong. Fuseball. Gum ball machine. Red phone booth.


What’d you think of this short-form journaling? I’m going to try and stick with it.

Happy Weekend & Links

March 5, 2016

The City and Us | Weekend Links

What are your plans this weekend? We’re celebrating a friend’s birthday tonight at one of our favorite local bars, and laying low tomorrow. Hope you have a good one and here are some links from around the web…


iSideWith is a helpful site that surveys you on your political views and matches the presidential candidate that is best for you. I’d highly recommend it!

This video of the  U.S. women’s gymnastics team is incredible.

Wes Anderson tributes.

A pretty and simple master bathroom update.

Oleg Oprisco photography is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

What you’d have to earn to be in the top 1% in each state.

“Cut the beauty fat.”

LOVE these mermaid greeting cards.

“If men had periods – manpons”


Weekly Mini Challenge / 03

March 3, 2016

The City and Us | Weekly Mini Challenge / 03

Do you keep a journal? I’m a sporadic journaler. There are some months when I’ll write pages and pages each day, and others when I won’t write a word. On my 26th birthday, I challenged myself to keep a journal for the entire year. (The first line reads, “Today is my 26th birthday. 26. I’m not sure I can believe it.” Ha.) I thought it would be fun to look back in 5, 10, 15 years and remember what happened that year–what I was like, what I went through.

I kept it up for a couple months, and then the holidays happened and I stopped. There are a few random entries–February 27th, March 21st, July 12th–but long breaks between. I’ll flip through the pages and start to really regret not writing something–anything–during those gaps. I think I put too much pressure on it; I thought I had to write a full page or nothing at all, and more often than not, I just wouldn’t write.

But the idea of keeping a one-line-a-day journal sounds like a perfect solution. It gives you a written record of your day-to-day but without the commitment of writing a long entry. There’s also a bit of strategy involved since there’s so little room. Short, sweet, and to the point! Sounds manageable, don’t you think?

Let’s spend the next week jotting down one line each day in a journal! Who’s with me?


PS. There are actual one-line-a-day journals that are super cute, like this one from Urban Outfitters that lasts five years and this one that’s specifically for Moms.

Happy Weekend & Links

February 12, 2016

The City and Us | Weekend Links

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans for Valentine’s Day? We’re doing some kind of exercise and then headed here for boozy bunch. I haven’t done a Friday link roundup in a while, so I added a few extra links today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Vermont beer for the win.

Alternatives to resting bitch face (haha).

A cute deck of cards with romantic date night ideas.

Great news for Orange is the New Black fans!

The Geek Hierarchy.

New York weddings during the blizzard.

How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster and Master Other Simple Pleasures.

Love Ain’t Dead Yet.

The magic of lavender essential oil.

Guests stay in geodesic domes at this gorgeous hotel in the Swiss Alps.

Boston Terriers are the best.

Yeezy 3: is this fashion?

The most famous brand from each state. Do you agree?

The real story of The Revenant.



PS. Join our new Weekly Mini Challenges, and alternative to Valentine’s Day date night, if you’re looking for ideas.

Weekly Mini Challenge / 01

February 4, 2016

The City and Us | Weekly Mini Challenge / 01

I have an idea. Would you be up for doing weekly mini challenges with me this winter? Each week, we’ll do something fun and maybe even a little wacky or unexpected, if we’re up for it. And the following week, we’ll share our experiences. I’m thinking little things like mail a handwritten letter, try a new-to-you recipe, meditate for five minutes each day, and ask a complete stranger a question.

What do you think? If you’re up for it, I’d love for you to join me.

Here’s the first weekly mini challenge: share an interesting article with someone–anyone!

I read tons of articles every week. Some of them I just skim, but others will stick with me and I’ll read them a second or third time. I’ll read an article and think to myself, Chelsea would find this interesting or Alex would totally agree with that. I’ll copy the link to a text message with every intention of sending it, but then I’ll get distracted or second guess myself (nevermind, it’s not that interesting). But this week I’m just going to send it!

Who’s in? Next Thursday, we can share how it all went down.

Do You Read Your Horoscope?

January 29, 2016

The City and Us | Do You Read Your Horoscope?

This week at work, I picked up an old issue of Marie Claire magazine, and by what must have been muscle memory, I flipped to the back page. The top of the page read, “April 2015 Horoscopes.” Under that was a short blurb that said, “‘Anything is possible’ should be your mantra, Aries” with a picture of a woman standing on the seats of an antique convertible and reaching for the sky…in the middle of the desert. Okay.

My eyes wandered down the page and settled on the unassuming subheading ‘Libra.’ This was months ago, I told myself. No pressure. 

It read: “The mood: Perceptive. There may be an invisible hand on your shoulder, guiding you quietly. Still, take the lead rather than allowing others to influence you. You might not understand what seems like a complex situation, though the picture will crystallize soon enough. Listen carefully and you’ll decipher people’s motives. Power day: April 15.” Hmmmmm…

The thing is, I’ve never taken my horoscope seriously. But in high school (when I actually read real magazines–the ones that you actually hold in your hands, the ones where you literally turn crispy pages, the ones that have that glossy-paper smell–remember those?), I read it religiously. Out of habit, I’d read any magazine I got my hands on back-to-front, starting with the horoscopes. I’d read mine first, and then scan through the ones that I knew belonged to family and close friends: Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius. It was pure entertainment for me, but my 16-year-old brain couldn’t help but wonder occasionally: What does it all mean?

Fast forward many years and–whether you think it’s all bull shit, genius, or ‘just for fun’ (like me)–horoscopes are hard not to read, don’t you think? Here’s a snippet of Libra’s horoscope for January 2016 from Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, which a fun and popular site for all things related to horoscopes:

“Tip-toe into January, dear Libra. It will be a quiet month, for Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, will be retrograde in Capricorn from January 5 to 25. It will be hard to get answers back from influential clients and bosses on proposals, and overall, key decision makers will be frustratingly hard to reach or indecisive if you do (true!). The message of the universe will be to think back to past activities you have been doing or finished and see if you can find ways to improve what you have already done. It’s also a good time to review the methods and approaches you always apply to tasks to see if you have a better way you might try in the future…” (Read the full thing, here.)

Do you ready your horoscope? Did you in high school? What’s your sign?


January 19, 2016

Links | The City and Us

Hi! How are you? How was your weekend? I spent the better part of last week working from home with a box of tissues, bag of cough drops, and cup of tea within an arm’s reach at all times. Luckily it wasn’t the flu, just an annoying head cold, but I’m excited to be–mostly–on the other side of it. I’ll be playing catch up over the next couple of days, so let’s start this (short) week off with a link roundup–here are few great posts from around the web lately…


I finished The Message podcast this weekend. It’s like Serial meets War of the Worlds.

Are small, ‘infill’ homes the next big housing thing?

Lots of people are raving about this new beauty product. It’s like a Clarisonic with anit-aging benefits. I’m curious to try it out.

15 affordable countries for budget travel.

An adorable His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Shop.

These beautiful loafers are at the top of my wish list.

Secrets to pretty gallery walls.

One-pan lemon garlic chicken pasta.


(Photo by Kristen.)

Blogmilk | Brandi Bernoskie