Blue Apron for a Family of Four

April 14, 2014

Sam&Cait1The newest addition to our family is our beautiful niece, Caitlin. She was born in February and lives in Massachusetts with her parents, Meg and Pat, and her big brother, Sam. Isn’t she the sweetest?!

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Since we’ve heard those first few weeks at home with a newborn can be wonderful, daunting, happy, adventurous, and sleepy, Dan and I wanted to do something special—and also helpful—for this new family of four. I had read about Blue Apron, a food delivery service, before but I didn’t know anyone who had used the service. However, Blue Apron has wonderful reviews so I thought it might be the perfect gift for a family with a new baby. Meg and Pat were up for trying something new so we went for it. Here’s how it worked:


Blue Apron offers three gift options ranging from one week with three meals per week for two adults to four weeks with three meals per week for six adults. Since Meg and Pat hadn’t tried Blue Apron (or any food delivery service) before, we decided to gift them a one week package with three meals for two adults. When a Blue Apron package is given as a gift, the gift giver simply fills in their personal payment information, the name and email address of the recipient(s), and a short note, and that’s it (it only takes about 2 minutes to complete the order)! Blue Apron emails the recipient and the recipient chooses the type of food they want (vegetarian or meat/fish/poultry) and schedules their delivery to fit their schedule. So easy, right?


We caught up with Meg and Pat to hear about their experience with Blue Apron. Here’s what they thought:

Things we like about it:
-It includes calorie count per serving
-It’s nice to not have to worry about planning half of our meals in a week
-Cuts down on shopping time
-Meals have all been delicious!
-It was a great gift idea (one we will likely use for friends in the future)
Things we’re not sure about:
-It comes in a lot of packaging and we feel a little guilty about the environment… We clean all the plastic, etc. to recycle but it is definitely more wasteful than if we were cooking from scratch with bulk items (like taking a spoonful of mayonnaise out of a jar versus the little plastic container of mayonnaise they included in one of the recipes).
-Some of the recipes have prep work that can take a while (but this doesn’t bother us at all).
-We’re still figuring out if it is cost effective!

If you need a great, quick gift idea, we (and Meg and Pat) definitely recommend Blue Apron! Check out their website, if you’re interested. I love the variety of foods and how each recipe is designed to take no more than 35 mins of prep and cook time—so convenient.


Pan-Seared Cod & Roasted Red Potatoes with Remoulade Sauce & Frisée Salad


Fennel-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Grapefruit, Mustard Greens & Japonica Black Rice

Thanks for your feedback, Meg & Pat, and thanks for the photos, Meg!

P.S. Almost 4-year-old Sam helped chop veggies for this dish a couple of weeks ago. Go, Sammy!



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