Hi there. My name is Kelley MacDonald and I’m a writer, hunter-gatherer of interesting on-and-off-line tidbits, curious mind, Boston terrier enthusiast, and editor of this mere speck of the web. I also work full time in Business Development at Bloglovin’, a platform for discovery of fashion and lifestyle content.


In the Spring of 2014, as newlyweds, my husband, Dan, and I moved from a small town in Vermont to New York City. And, at first, The City and Us was a document of our move, adventures in and around the city, and the things we learned about city living. It’s still all of those things plus much more!

The City and Us is a record of my own musings— intellectually, creatively, spiritually—that I enjoy sharing and talking about with like-minded people; it’s a record of design, culture, people, places, food, fashion, beauty, and occasional random thoughts.

Here’s a little bit about what I learned in my first year of blogging—I’d love to hear thoughts on this!

And, if you’re new to this space—welcome!—here are some posts to get you started, if you’re in a browse-y mood…


Thank you so much for being here. xx









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(Photos by Meg Hamilton.)


  • Lisa DiIorio

    Hi Kelley! I saw your blog when a mutual friend liked it on FB and your photo came up on my wall. I was so excited to see those two faces that I recognize from way back at Rivendell. I am so excited for you and Dan. You both look great and what a wonderful wedding story. All the best, Ms. D

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