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Etsy Find: Dinosaur Planters

March 9, 2016

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

What quirky little decor things do you have around your home? Any random colorful things on your shelves, hanging from your walls, lining your windowsills? The ones that add character to your space, spark conversation when friends are over for wine and cheese night?

We have two antique brass birds that catch the attention of visitors. I use one as a book end and the other one hangs out with the succulents. We also have a tiny gold-spray-painted unicorn figurine in one of the succulent plants that gets a lot of questions.

We’re loving these dinosaur planters from the Etsy shop Two Tress Botanicals. They’d be fun displayed on a coffee table, don’t you think?

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

The City and Us | Dinosaur Planters

Thoughts? Which is your favorite? I love the gold Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

See the whole collection of dinosaur planters, here.


(All images from Two Trees Botanicals.)

Etsy Find: Handwoven Merino Wool Blankets

August 11, 2015

Etsy Find: Handwoven Merino Wool Blankets

Have you found anything good on Etsy lately? I love discovering handmade products and beautiful shops on Etsy, which is why I also love writing this Etsy Find series for the blog.

Last night, I stumbled upon the Uruguay-based Texturable Decor shop. Everything in the shop is made with natural and sustainable fibers and fabrics, and the yarn is 100% hand-spun Morino wool. I’d love that deep blue blanket tossed over the back of our (future) couch. And this black and white, plaid checkerboard blanket reminds me of fall.

Etsy Find: Handwoven Merino Wool Blankets

How cozy would it be to wrap up in one of these and sip a cup of strong coffee?


(Images by Texturable Decor.)

Etsy Find: Hilarious Letterpress Cards

January 7, 2015

These letterpress cards by Sampling Press had me laughing out loud! Here are eight cards and two notepads I particularly like/need:

I need this notepad! Seriously.

One more: This card on cheese is spot on!


(All images via Sampling Press’ Etsy shop site.)

Etsy Find: Beautiful Bud Vases

November 19, 2014

These small bud vases by Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast are so beautiful. I love the combinations of neutral colors with the copper and gold leaf polka dot detail. They would be lovely on a mantel or included in the centerpiece on a dining room table. Check out Emily’s whole Etsy collection here.

What are your favorite Etsy shops? I’d love to hear. Share in the comments, if you’d like. 🙂


(All photos from The Object Enthusiast.)

Etsy Find: Weekender Bag

August 8, 2014

Happy Friday, everybody! What are you up to this weekend? Tonight, Dan and I are headed to see this show. Have you seen it? Dan’s colleague is a producer and we’re excited to go check it out. We’ll also be hanging around and exploring our new neighborhood, which I’m really excited about! There seems to be so much happening in Brooklyn.

How lovely is this large weekender bag by Awlsnap? I love its tomboy feel and the navy color is perfect (they also offer a beautiful chocolate brown version). I’d love to use it for our frequent trips to Vermont and New Hampshire.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! xo

Etsy Find: Pretty Summer Sandals

July 16, 2014

I’m consistently surprised by the amazing products and creative entrepreneurs I come across on Etsy; the Etsy community really is a total gold mine. These classic Greek leather sandals from LoveFromCyprus are chic, elegant and so pretty! They would be perfect to pack for summer vacation or to wear while out exploring the city or for date night. I’d love to wear this gold pair with a white summer dress (like this one). Handmade to order from the island of Cyprus, LoveFromCyprus sandals are made from soft, genuine leather and are available in many different colors and styles (bonus: LoveFromCyprus summer sandals are unisex). Check out the entire collection here.

And, how about this fun winged style?!

What summer sandals are you wearing this year? These?

(Images link to source.)

Etsy Find: Decorative Matchboxes

May 28, 2014

How fun are these decorative matchboxes? They would be so pretty displayed in a bathroom or in a bowl on a coffee table, don’t you think?

Etsy shop BelloPop offers packages of 3, 6, 9, and 15 ranging from $5.66 to 28.32–a great way to add color and geometric spunk to your home for a low price!

PS. These patterned koozies are a must this summer!!

Etsy Find: “Rural and Proud” Canvas Tote

May 18, 2014

This silly screen print bag would be fun to carry to the farmer’s market. You never know what you’ll find on Etsy!

via Epicenter on Etsy

Etsy Find: Handmade Glass Terrariums

May 10, 2014

Etsy shop Boxwoodtree sells the most beautiful handmade glass terrariums. They would be perfect on a desk near a sunny window or as a center piece on a dining room table. I love the house with a hinged roof and the greenhouse.

The little dodecahedron is beautiful too.

Another terrarium/greenhouse I’d like to make one day. Who’s with me? : )

Etsy Find: Antler Notebooks

April 11, 2014

I love these little antler notebooks from Etsy shop Twenty Fingers, and the rustic photo styling is so beautiful.



P.S. I have a small obsession with antlers : )


(All images via Twenty Fingers Etsy page.)

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